3J Metering Pump
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3J Metering Pump


3J Metering Pump

3J Metering Pump Metering Pump

Max Flow                : 
Max Pressure        : 
Motor Power          : 

Special Performance

♦ 3J several serieses lie type single function adjustable stanza capacity which establishes to calculate to pump a common base pumps, can used for establishing a machine to have JX, JZ, they can combine to establish arbitrarily.

Special Application

♦ 3J several serieses establish to calculate a pump, from together machine, together parameter; Together machine, different parameter; Different machine, various single urn of different parameter calculates a pump. combining to establish but becoming arbitrarily, and is kept by a set electrical engineering allied drive, it can transport in the meantime variety lie quality, can according to the demand of craft process, carry on limitless regulate amount of Anne to transport liquid, it calculates accuracy to regulate way and special use and single urn to calculate a pump homology.