3ZH100 High Pressure Pump
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3ZH100 - Triplex Plunger High Pressure Pump

3ZH100 - High Pressure Pump

3ZH100 - High Pressure Pump

Max Flow:                          55m3/h
Max Pressure:                 1500bar
Motor Power:                   220KW
Rated Plunger Load:     1000kg
Stroke Length:                 100mm
Weight:                             3500Kg

Special Performance

♦ Triplex Plunger Pump.
♦ Suitable for the pressure-testing pump, high-pressure cleaning pump, metering pump, process pump, medicine-adding pump, hydrostatic pressure pump and oil transfer pump etc. For the valves and pupes.
♦ Assembling type: Horizontal type, vertical type, fixed type and movable type.
♦ Drive type: Electric motor driven type, diesel engine driven type, belt pulley type, gear box type, electro-magnetic speed-adjusting type and inverter speed-adjusting type.
♦ Technical data shown in the data sheet is for reference of the selection. Each kind of the pump is equipped with safety adjusting valve. Pressure of each pump can be arbitrary adjusted.
♦ In case the flow rate shown in the data sheet can not be met your requirement when you make selection, you can adjust the flow rate by means of electro-magnetic speed-adjusting, inverter speed-adjusting or change the diameter of the plunger to get requested flow rate.

3ZH100 - Triplex Plunger Pump High Pressure Pump Parameter