Centrifugal Pump
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centrifugal pump

The hydraulic machines, which convert the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, are called pumps. The hydraulic energy is in the form of pressure energy. The mechanical energy is converted into pressure energy by means of centrifugal force acting on the fluid; the hydraulic machines are called centrifugal pumps. The flow in a centrifugal pump is in radial outward direction. Figure 1.4 shows the 3 dimensional model of a centrifugal pump.
The centrifugal pump works on the principle of forced vortex flow, which means that when a certain mass of liquid is rotated by an external flow, the rise in pressure head of the rotating liquid takes place. The rise in pressure head at any point of the rotating liquid is proportional to the square of tangential velocity of the liquid at that point. Thus at the outlet of the impeller where the radius is more, the rise in pressure head will be more and the liquid will be discharged at the outlet with high pressure head. Due to high-pressure head, the liquid can be lifted to a high level. Figure 1.5 shows flow of fluid in a centrifugal pump.
Advantages of using centrifugal pumps for transportation of slurry
 1) Simplicity of design
 2) Easier installation
 3) Low maintenance
 4) Lower weight
 5) Handles suspensions and slurry easily
Centrifugal Pump