China Chemical analysis
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China Chemical analysis

Recently Chinese introduction of "petrochemical industry restructuring and revitalization of planning" will guide and support the fine chemical products as a key content and focus on the past to make up for some of the industry, "short-board", is expected to enable the fine chemical industry to a higher level of imports from dependence on the realization of product upgrades.

   A long time, China's chemical industry is too extensive, a number of junior high consumption of chemicals serious surplus production capacity, exports to most of these products. High-end and place the fine chemical industry has developed slowly, backward technology, and products to meet domestic demand and rely heavily on imports, such as aluminum silicate, calcium carbonate, silicone, polyester and engineering plastics and new materials such as chemicals, as well as new pesticides and fine chemical products such as phosphorus.

   In recent years, through repeated guidance, continue to promote industrial upgrading, fine chemical production technology in China has increased, in part to achieve a breakthrough product. However, a number of fine chemicals made the quality and cost difficult to compete with imported products. At the same time, domestic fine chemical industry is still relatively low self-development capacity, product mix of the two major drawbacks unreasonable.

   "Petrochemical industry restructuring and revitalization of the planning" has been carried out on these issues to focus on. Among them, on the basis of specialty chemical raw materials, specialty fibers, engineering plastics and other chemical species to guide efforts to revitalize the industry. At the same time, planning for the chemical industry more involved in the technical aspects, including some of the domestic priorities of the industry are driving the technology projects. Fine chemical industry also needs more support. In addition to planning, the more need to include financial, tax and other import and export a wide range of policy support.