Automatic Dosing Equipment - Chlorine Dioxide Generator
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Automatic Dosing Equipment - Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Chlorine dioxide generator using two chemical reaction produces chlorine dioxide
1, sodium chlorate production of chlorine dioxide, the chemical reaction equation is as follows:
Main reaction:NaClO3+2HCL=ClO2+1/2Cl2+NaCl+H2O
Side effects:NaClO3+6HCL=3Cl2+NaCl+3H2O
2、Produce chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite, the reaction is as following:
5 NaClO2+4HCl=4ClO2+5 NaCl+2H2O
The raw materials for more than reaction of the respective measuring devices, accurate measurement added to the reactor after the vote, the reaction of chlorine dioxide gas by suction mixed with water jet made of highly efficient chlorine dioxide disinfectant.
1, the use of advanced materials formulation, conversion rate is high, above 70% sodium chlorate, sodium chlorite at 95%.
2, compact design, small footprint, simple operation, maintenance is simple and safe. Life is long.
3, high degree of automation, control systems can be set automatically according to changes in water quality than the adjusted dosage, and down with water, no medicine to stop by and other security protection measures.
4, standard range, chlorine dioxide generator from 50g-20000g / h.
1, of facilities into full automatic type, electric type, manual type.
2, automatic determination of type matching flow, residual chlorine measurement, such as signal input level determination.
3, Determination of electric-type matching level.
4, manually type only open into the valve can be run.
5, feed pump, water pressure pump options.