City sewage nitrogen removal problem
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The source of nitrogen is difficult to control is the agricultural large area pollution source and N2 in air. Organic compounds containing nitrogen in sewage is human, livestock excreta of animals and plants, corruption of the protein, bacterial decomposition into. Urea, amino acids and other organic nitrogen in sewage, and inorganic NH4+ are eventually generate NH3-N. so the city sewage TN 80%---90% is all kinds of organic acid NH3-N. inorganic nitride generated, biochemical treatment of sewage water is oxidized to CO2 and H2O. 1 nitrification and denitrification In order to improve the reaction rate, carbon source and energy utilization of residual organic matter fully, the need to improve on the substrate concentration is low, to adsorption and the specific technical measures, can rely on biological carrier and condensed good biological flocs to complete. 2 simultaneous nitrification and denitrification mechanism of micro environment The removal of CODcr, is to rely on biological membranes lining the enrichment of adsorption in the anaerobic environment of local micro increase in concentration of residual organic matter and biodegradability, diffusion to the outer layer of the aerobic degradation, to supplement the inner nitrogen and carbon source. 3 key points of process design and upgrading of processing: (1) biological selection of activated sludge is achieved by pre anaerobic area, volume of anaerobic zone is design water 1.5-2.5 hours. (2) add biological carrier of modified activated carbon in the volume of aeration tank rear 2-3 hour design content, add the volume of 30%. (3) in the two after sedimentation, sand filter, is to further SS removal and chemical phosphorus removal, added the front part of the biochemical phosphorus removal. (4) condensed biofilm good biological floc and biological carrier of the inner and the outer layers of different roles in the aeration tank and the biological fluidized bed, realizes the synchronization and shortcut nitrification denitrification.