Design Change – Control Valve Cover w/timer all pump models
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Design Change – Control Valve Cover w/timer all pump models

Sidewinder Pumps has made an engineering change in the Control Valve Cover w/Timer, part number 51T-42-2 & Valve Stem part number 33-42.

The Valve Stem part number 33-42 has been modified to a tapered needle, new part number 33-42C

The Control Valve Cover (new part number 51T-42C-2) has been modified, eliminating the Teflon O-ring Seat (37-42) and has a tapered orifice to accept the new Valve Stem(new part 33-42C), producing a metal on metal seat.

The new part number for the Timer Valve Repair Kit is KVC-40F

The 51T-42-2 Control Valve Cover w/Timer is no longer available. A complete retrofit assembly is available. The retro fit part number is 30-42C and consist of the control timer cover (51T-42C-2), timer stem (33-42C), timer knob w/set screw (31-42) and timer stem o-ring (35-42).

The Teflon O-ring Seat (37-42) will continue to be available in kits and as individual component.

The Valve Stem (33-42) will be available as individual repair component until current inventory depleted (approximately 2 years)

For future reference in ordering parts, kits etc – pump serial number 40755 was the first pump in production with the new control cover w/timer assembly.

Timer Valve Repair Kits for pumps manufactured before serial number 40755 will still
be available under the part number KVC-40.