Dosing pumps in practical applications
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dosing pumps in practical applications

Metering technology is applied in the production process of chemicals and goods as well as the economic and environmentally friendly application of those in the manufacturing industry. Water and waste water treatment plants as well as swimming pools are further users of metering technology. With the advancement of metering technology aiming for an improvement in quality and economy of processes, the demand for specifically designed metering devices and accessories increases.
Design criteria
A very common design of a dosing pump is the diaphragm dosing pump (Figure 2).
Diaphragm dosing head
Primary advantages are freedom from leakage, resistance to abrasive chemicals and dry run capabilities.
The Magdos is a diaphragm dosing pump with a solenoid drive. The solenoid is controlled by electronics and drives with its linear movement a dosing diaphragm. Depending on the version, the pump can be controlled externally or internally. External control inputs may be pulses coming from a water meter or an analog signal. Operation with internal control is another option, where the stroke frequency can be adjusted incrementally or linearly. The capacity per stroke is set with the stroke length adjustment, thus a turn down ratio of 1:1000 can be achieved.