Dosing pumps pass the acid test
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dosing pumps pass the acid test

Where pumping concentrated hydrochloric acid proves to be a problem as a result of pump leakage and corrosion of components, then its worthwhile giving consideration to double diaphragm metering pump technology, where the pump head is made from plastic.
Shang hai shuang feng chemical co., ltd J series dosing pump is proving to be the best solution for one Irish Process Company where acid pumping was a major problem. The company has recently taken delivery of four Shang hai shuang feng chemical co., ltd J series pumps at a cost of &15 000. Handling a maximum operating pressure of 4 bars, the pump heads are completely resistant to chemical attack and are now giving leak-free service. By changing to this design of dosing pump, the end-user is now experiencing more economic consumption of material and greater plant efficiency due to high levels of metering accuracy and elimination of product leakage.
Bran + Luebbe says the Shang hai shuang feng chemical co., ltd J series dosing pump can be used on any duty where resistance to aggressive liquids, leak-free operation and non-contamination of the metered liquid are a high priorities. The pump can continue to operate under a diaphragm failure due to the double diaphragm configuration. A failure indication device alerts the operator that the pump will need attention at the next convenient opportunity.