High Pressure Cleaning Pump
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High Pressure Cleaning Pump

High pressure cleaning pump

High Pressure Cleaning Pump main component

 1, Control system 2, Movable trolley 3, High Pressure Pump 4, Safety system 5, Pipeline system 6, High Pressure giant

High Pressure Cleaning Pump Special Performance

♦ Extra high pressure.
♦ Easy to use.
♦ Portable type.
♦ High safety coefficient.

Classification of high-pressure cleaning pump:

According to high-pressure cleaning pump assembly methods, it can be divided into: 1, horizontal high-pressure cleaning pump, 2, vertical high-pressure cleaning pump, 3, stationary high pressure cleaning pumps, 4, mobile high-pressure cleaning pump.

Speed change with 1, gear boxes, 2, pulleys, 3, electromagnetic speed control, 4, frequency control.

High Pressure Cleaning Pump Function

High-pressure cleaning pump is mainly used in petrochemical, shipbuilding, machinery and equipment, industrial cleaning, spray, wetting, dust, lower humidity; metallurgical descaling; rust, to oil, grease. Each pump is equipped with a safety valve, pump pressure can be adjusted, and with oil temperature, pump pressure alarm protection of inlet and outlet.

High Pressure Cleaning Pump Parameter