Mechanical seal for chemical pump
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chemical pump

Shuang Feng will be presenting a standard seal for chemical pumps in accordance with the Chinese standard, EN 22858. The M78 seal meets the rising requirements imposed by the chemical industry on a sealing system for typical chemical pumps. The M78 combines three main features. Firstly, solid PTFE is used as standard material for the O-rings; secondly, the seal is equipped with a multi-wavy-washer that is made of special steel, which has a high resistance to chemicals and which has a fat spring characteristic to ensure a uniform closing force and hence low wear operation. The third feature is that the axial tolerance of the seal is between two and four times higher than that stipulated in the standard, which makes installation easy. The M78 is recommended for sealing media normally found in the chemical industry and will be among the products displayed on the Shuang Feng stand number 2565.