Plastic lined chemical pump
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Plastic lined chemical pump

The new centrifugal pump range from Shang Hai Shuang Feng Chemical Co., Ltd can pump up to 1,600 m3/h at a maximum delivery head of 70 m and a maximum permissible working pressure of 16 bars. It is designed for chemical duties. Thanks to the pump’s diffusion tight plastic lining the range is resistant to aggressive and corrosive media up to temperatures of 150-170°C and is suitable for use with virtually all organic and inorganic acids and alkalis.
The chemical resistance of the fluoropolymer PTFE lining (ethylene tetra fluoro-ethylene) is comparable with that of PFA (perfluoroalkoxi). The wall thickness of the PTFE lining is 6- 12 mm, depending on the model size specified. An impeller made from PTFE also contributes towards the chemically resistant properties of the pump. The construction material for the load bearing parts is made of GGG 40 and all the metallic components are coated with synthetic resin to prevent corrosion.
Closed impellers enable low axial thrust and large installation clearances on the range. The sealing of the shaft is achieved by using a mechanical seal. The CS variant (stationary, single acting) or double acting variants in the CST or C2 types can be specified. If the end user wishes, the stationary seal can also be fitted with quench or flushing options.
In addition, the pump comes with a back pull out design that should ensure quick and easy replacement of wear parts during maintenance procedures. According to the manufacturers, this will contribute towards its claimed favorable LCC (Life Cycle Cost).