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Water treatment dosing PAC&PAM Powder equipment
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Water treatment dosing PAC&PAM Powder equipment

Water treatment dosing PAC&PAM Powder equipment

Water treatment dosing PAC&PAM Powder equipment main component

 1, Control system 2, Filter system 3, Alarm system 4, Safety system 5, Pipeline system 6, Dosing system

Special Performance

♦ Dosing Powder directly.
♦ Special for dosage PAM&PAC powder.
♦ Using stainless steel and UPVC corrosion materials for long service life.
♦ Independent control cabinet for manual control, automatic control and remote control.

Brief introduction
1, SFB systems have been designed especially for the production of stock solutions and process solutions of synthetic flocculants (polyelectrolyte) and have been well proven in the field.
2, The use of polyelectrolyte as a flocculent or flocculation aid has a very large range of applications. It can be used wherever colloidal solids require to be removed from liquids on a commercial scale.
3, Recommended applications include: ı Wastewater and sludge treatment ı Paper production ı Drinking and process water treatment ı Treatment of sand and diatomite ı Treatment of brine ı Ore enrichment
4, The solution concentrations and the volumetric settings of the dry feeder and the liquid concentrate pump are controlled by the operator. Warnings are indicated by alarm and text messages in the display. A flow monitor continuously determines the input of dilution water and values are displayed. Based on the preset solution concentration the controller calculates the requirement of polymer and controls the dry feeder or the concentrate pump in analogue form. Thus, the concentration of polymer solution remains constant even when the water supply fluctuates
5, The SFB powder dosing systems basically consist of the following components: ı Tanks with reinforcements and brackets for mounting of other aggregates, material of the tanks stainless steel (Standard) ı Dry feeder with metering pipe heating and powder shortage sensor ı Piping for metering of liquid concentrate ı Wetting system for flushing-in and wetting of the powder, incl. wetting cone and injector ı Water fitting with flow meter and fitting kit for in-line water and reversal unit ı Set of change-over valves for filling and discharge of polymer solution ı slow electric agitators ı Control cabinet with SFB control for automatic control of the entire system
6, The systems are also available with storage tank, aerator, level sensors, equipment for pneumatically operated powder feed from the delivery drum, dilution units, flushing units, metering gauges and metering pumps for the concentrate and the prepared solution.

Water treatment dosing PAC&PAM Powder equipment Parameter