Design of a high-pressure circulating pump for viscous liquids
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sembly or a crank slot drive. An external drive assembly and custom shaped magnets, often made from rare earth material to resist elevated temperatures over extended periods of time, can be costly. Additionally, pumps with permanent magnets and moving parts may not be suitable for an experimental setup where space is limited. Furthermore, to accommodate such a pump in a temperature-controlled environment may require the motor to be outside of the temperature-controlled environment to avoid damage to the motor and facilitate temperature control. Considering the shortcomings of the pumps described above, the objective of the pump design presented in this study was to create a compact seal-less circulating pump for pumping viscous fluids at pressures of up to 34 MPa _5000 psi_ and temperatures up to about 80 °C. Having no external moving parts and due to its small size as well as reasonably low heat generation, the pump can be placed in a temperature-controlled circulating air bath for applications where constant temperature is important. Furthermore, using solely off-the-shelf parts to build the pump facilitates straightforward assembly without the need for a machine shop.