high pressure pumps
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d seawater desalination plants is their high pressure pump. Basically, differentiation is made between two competing types of pump: Type a, a single-entry, multistage unit with back-to-back impellers and an axially split casing, and Type b, a vertical, ‘ring-section’, likewise singleentry/ multistage pump with impellers. arranged in series. The most important upshot of the ETAMAX analyses discussed here is that Type b pumps are significantly superior to Type a pumps with regard to the achievable efficiency across the range of flow rates considered.
It has also been shown that Type b pumps achieve efficiencies that are comparable to or even better than those achieved by Type a pumps for a given nominal flow rate even when they have one stage less. This can have favorable impacts on a unit’s rotor-dynamic properties. Finally, it must be noted that the efficiencies that both types of pump actually can achieve are usually one to three percentage points inferior to the theoretical values dealt with here, because the diametric (hub) ratio at the impeller inlet is usually greater in ‘real life’.