Chemical Dosing Pump
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Dosing Pump

Chemical Dosing Pump

   J series metering pumps are also called ratio pumps or volume controllable pumps. They are the combination of liquid delivery, flow regulating, and pressure control. With various types of pump head, they can deliver different kinds of flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive, strong irritant and corrosive media, can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil refining, food, environmental, power, research and other industries.

   Our company produces three basic types of metering pumps- plunger type, hydraulic diaphragm type and diaphragm-type with mechanical drive. Plunger type pumps are featured in  simple structure and easy to use. Hydraulic diaphragm type pumps are featured in no leaking, high security, suitable for transporting all kinds of flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive, strong irritant and expensive special liquid media. “N” type crank adjusting mechanism is used to regulate the flow of the pumps. Flow can be adjusted between zero to the maximum rated range. The pressure can be chosen between atmospheric pressure to the maximum permitted range, easy to adjust, clear statistics reading, low noise, reliable operation, convenient to maintain. They are ideal equipment in technical research. 
   J series have many different models, up to over 1000, which are all stable in function, suitable for transporting liquid between -30°C to 450°C in temperature and 0-800mm2/s in viscosity. Top row of pressure up to 64MPa, flow is in the range of 1-8000L/h, measurement accuracy is plus or minus one percent. When the flow is between 30%-70%, the pumps are under best condition for using.
   According to the process requirements, you can choose manual adjustment or frequency flow control; also can be applied in remote control and computer automatic control.